How to Use the NYTC Trans Masc Pump (For Pleasure & Bottom Growth)

Finally, a pump specifically designed for – and marketed to – transmasculine people! 

New York Toy Collective has been creating products for the trans community for a decade. Their Trans Masc Pumps are designed for pleasure, temporary size increase, and potentially aiding bottom growth. 

But how do you use it? This guide will cover: 

  1. How Pumping Works
  2. How to Use the Trans Masc Pump
  3. Pumping for Pleasure
  4. Pumping for Growth 

How do Pumps Create Swelling or Growth? 

Pumps work by forming a vacuum over/around a particular body part. As air is pumped out of the cup or cylinder, your skin is drawn in. This suction increases blood flow and can create temporary swelling. Increased blood flow also causes penises, the clitoral glans, and nipples to become temporarily firmer.

Pumping can be incredibly pleasurable. Increased blood flow strengthens physical arousal and heightens sensitivity. The suction sensation itself can be intense but pleasurable. The resulting swelling/puffiness adds a unique element to play. Depending on your body and how long you pump, the swelling will go down as soon as you stop pumping, or – after a longer session – within a few minutes or hours. 

For some users, pumping has a practical value too: helping further bottom growth (the increase in clitoral glans size that occurs to many people on testosterone.) There’s been no study into whether or not pumping is effective at permanent growth. But anecdotally many transmasc folks feel that routine, rigorous pumping sessions have incrementally benefited their sizing. 

How To Use the Transmasc Pump 

New York Toy Collective has created two transmasc pumps: the basic and the deluxe. The pumps themselves are identical, but the Deluxe offers two additional cylinders to cater to a wider range of phallic sizes. These are manual pumps, which means you create the suction by hand. 

There are 4 key components to be aware of: 

  • The cylinder, which fits over your anatomy 
  • The tube, which attaches the cylinder to the pump handle 
  • The release valve, which is a circular button at the base of the pump handle
  • The pump handle, which has a t-shaped lever/trigger

Before using your pump, click the tubing into the cylinder and give the trigger a few cursory pulls. Make sure you can hear a gurgle of air in the cylinder. If there’s no airflow, make sure the pieces are correctly aligned and that there’s no damage to the tubing. 

Next, familiarize yourself with the release valve button. This immediately releases the pump’s pressure/suction – an important function in case you encounter discomfort or pain! Test the pump on a fleshy part of your arm or thigh to get used to the pump’s intensity (this thing can suck!) while practicing clicking the release. You might have to jostle the cylinder’s rim to fully release the suction. 

For the best results, massage your genitals before pumping. Arousal gets blood flowing to the area and begins swelling the tissue. This makes it easier (and less uncomfortable or jarring) to pump. The Trans Masc Pump’s cylinders are wide, so they don’t just suction over your phallus – they pull the surrounding tissue in too. 

For the pump to function, the cylinder needs to achieve an airtight seal over your phallus. When you pull the trigger, the cylinder’s inner rim has to be sitting flat against you, or extra air will get pulled in and you won’t get any suction. You may have to trim or remove pubic hair, spread/adjust labia, pull back your pubic mound (mons pubis), etc, to get the cylinder to sit flat. Laying with your hips raised (such as propped up on a wedge pillow) can help open/spread your parts. 

If you’re struggling to get a seal, try geling inside the cylinder and around the rim with a thick lube. Gently press down on the cylinder to keep it flat against you as you pump.

Because the Trans Masc Pump is manual, you have full control over how fast and how often you pump. You can draw the trigger quickly for an immediate pull, or slowly draw the trigger to gradually build pressure. You can take breaks between draws or rapidly flutter the trigger.

On some bodies, the airtight suction decompresses if you don’t occasionally tug the trigger to maintain pressure. 

Pumping’s suction feels tight, almost pinchy, but in a pleasurable way. It’s like being pulled and squeezed. If the pulling sensation becomes painful, hit the release and give your body a break. Try different pumping speeds to see if your body needs a slower build. 

During much longer sessions, some mild bruising (especially where the cylinder meets your body) can occur on some people. Make sure to let this dissipate over a few days before pumping again. If you’re always experiencing bruising, you’re pumping too hard and for too long! Dry skin can also exacerbate discomfort; you can moisturize with genital-safe products like Yes WB

Pumping for Pleasure 

There are three potential aspects of enjoying pumping: 

  • The suction/pull of pumping itself
  • Playing while the cup/cylinder is still in place
  • Post-pumping stimulation

With the Trans Masc Pump you have full control over the speed and frequency of your pumps. Rapid pulls, slow draws, following a rhythm or just tugging the trigger whenever the pressure lightens up – different methods result in different sensations. Make sure you experiment to figure out what feels best to you in the moment. Your preferences likely vary based on mood and arousal level. 

The Trans Masc Pump’s cylinders can be incorporated into play as well. Tapping fingertips or vibrators (soft-surfaced toys such as the Dame Pom or Pillow Talk Cheeky work better because they won’t rattle the acrylic as much) can be used for muffled sensation. (Vibe tip: hold the cylinder still by hand so it doesn’t get knocked around.) The skin surrounding the cylinder can be teased by touch or with sensory toys like ticklers and wartenberg wheels. 

You can also enjoy other sex acts (such as penetration or rimming) while the cylinder in place. Just be mindful of pain, numbness, or skin discoloration. It’s easy to become distracted and wind up with unwanted bruising or soreness.  

After pumping, you might be experiencing some temporary swelling! The size increase can be both affirming/euphoric and incredibly pleasurable. But even if you didn’t pump long enough to experience lingering puffiness, you can still enjoy suction-sensitized skin. Touching, tickling, licking, biting, vibrating, air pulsation, etc, likely feel far more intense. 

When you’ve pumped long enough to create swelling, you may find that transmasc stroker-style toys such as NYTC’s Jack 2-in-1 are easier to use. Genital contact (such as tribbing or humping) is usually easier and more pleasurable. Just make sure you’re using plenty of lube

Pumping for Growth 

Like many things having to do with transition, pumping for permanent growth hasn’t been medically studied and thus isn’t a proven benefit. Likewise, there’s no concrete, universal, doctor-approved methodology. This guide, like many others, is based on personal experience and anecdotes shared by the transmasc community. Many transmasc folks themselves are skeptical!

The presumption is that pumping encourages bottom growth by gradually elasticizing your skin. It requires frequent, thorough pumping sessions. It’s most successful when done in tandem with HRT, but can be started before or without. 

It’s crucial to remember that this is an incredibly sensitive body part with delicate tissue and an abundance of nerve endings. Overdoing it won’t just cause bruising or blistering – you can cause permanent damage. Further, many first hand accounts caution that pumping for permanent growth decreases overall sensitivity. If you have access to a trans-affirming medical practitioner, it’s ideal to seek out their advice directly. 

Because a single pumping session’s results are temporary, the key to encouraging results is frequency. It’s also crucial to make sure you’re staying hydrated (dehydration decreases blood volume and shrinks blood vessels, making pumping significantly harder.) 

Suction pressure has to be maintained continuously in order to encourage tissue stretching. Some pumps have valves on the cylinder to hold pressure even when you’re not pumping. The NYTC Trans Masc Pump, however, loses pressure without regular tugs to the trigger. 

Session length and consistency suggestions vary widely, in part because tolerance is so individual. Start off slow! Your initial routine should be less frequent, shorter sessions (ex. one session a day, three days a week, for 20 minutes.) As you become more comfortable, you can incrementally build up to a more vigorous routine (such as twice daily, four days a week, for 30 minutes each) over the course of several weeks. 

Generally, you’re going to want to pump 3 to 5 days a week (some folks pump every other day), for 15 to 40 minutes per session (1-2 sessions per day.) The frequency and duration should be decided by your body. If you’re sore, bruising, or blistering, you need to take a break (several days) to let your body recover.

This guide to the NYTC Transmasc Pump was written by Betty Butch. They are a Non-binary sex geek and and toy reviewer. You can find their amazing work at