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Cy of Super Smash Cache is a twenty-something ciswoman with a penchant for deep, cervix-stimulating penetration. Long, firm dildos are her favorite. As well, she appreciates a rumbly and pinpoint vibrator. Her blog is mostly reviews— if she thinks a toy belongs in a flaming dumpster, you’ll know. But Super Smash Cache isn’t just that. It’s also a place for sex ed guides, sentimental stories, and the occasional article about how to live a more pleasurable life outside of the bedroom.

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Super Smash Cache Reviews

Super Smash Cache reviews The Pillow Talk Cheeky

The rumble of BMS Factory’s Pillow Talk Sassy ruined practically all other G-spot vibrators for me— even outperforming the renowned LELO Mona 2. It’s perhaps the most underrated vibrator in existence, and a steal for only $43.

Super Smash Cache reviews The Vibease Wearable Vibrator

The Vibease is wearable; it slips in the gusset of snug underwear and curves along the vulva. The firm, pointed hook concentrates the clitoral vibrations. I’m a proponent of lazy masturbation, so sitting on a pinpoint vibe hands-free is a selling point (no pun intended) to me.

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