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Handcrafted and designed with quality, comfort and control in mind, the SpareParts Joque is a fabulous and functional strap-on harness.

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The SpareParts Joque is a high quality strap-on harness. With comfortable belt and leg straps the Joque offers you a secure fit and complete control over your dildo. It is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a well made, stylish harness with the versatility to handle whatever you decide to do while wearing it. With SpareParts highly flexible O-ring the Joque Harness can securely fit a wide range of toys between 3.17 – 5.71 cm in diameter. A fabric flap separates any dildo base from your skin, but can also be pushed aside making this harness compatible with double ended dildos. With two internal mini-vibe pockets above and below the O-ring, the addition of a bullet offers extra stimulation to the wearer.

Made with a Nylon and Spandex blend the Joque is both strong and luxuriously sexy as well as being 100% vegan. The fabric wicks away moisture keeping you cool and comfy even during wet and messy play and is easy to clean. This also makes it a great choice for packing as it is comfortable to wear for extended periods. It can be hand-washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle. The Joque is available in two sizes and is fully adjustable.

  • Materials: Nylon, Spandex
  • Colour: Black, Purple
  • Power source: None
  • Manufacturer: SpareParts HardWare
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by manufacturer  
BeltLeg StrapsO-Ring Diameter
Size A20 - 50 inches
50.8 - 127 cm
10 - 16 inches
25.4 - 40.64 cm
1.25 - 2 inches
3.17 - 5.08 cm
Size B35 - 65 inches
88.9 - 165 cm
14 - 24 inches
35.56 - 60.96 cm
1.25 - 2 inches
3.17 - 5.08 cm


For Joque you will need to consider Belt measurements (hips), groin measurements to determine which Theo will produce the best fit for you, or your partner.

Size A or Size B:

Follow these simple steps to determine which Joque product will fit you perfectly!

Measure for the belt:

  1. To measure which size is best for the wearer; first consider where you will be wearing it whether it’s on your waist (high ride) or on your hips (low ride). If you prefer to wear your harness high, instead of low (please be aware many wearers like to wear their harness low as they want it to sit on their clitoris so it allows for stimulation where ever possible); measure around your waist instead of your hips.
  2. Wrap the measuring tape around your hips (or waist if applicable), where you would wear your belt.  Take the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself.  You should add a few (3-4) inches to this measurement for size fluctuation and room for sizing adjustment. Take the measurement and see size chart above for Belt and determine which belt would be best.  

(You should be able to select a size that is reflective of your belt size.  So for example:  if you wear a size 32  belt, and it has a good fit with a couple holes for adjustment, you should select the Joque that best fits 32 inches).

Measure for the Leg straps:

  1. To measure which size is best for the wearer; first figure out where you will be wearing it on your hips (or waist if applicable).  The best way to do this is to put on a regular belt, as this will help you to have a place to start and finish measurement on the next step.
  2. Next take the tape measure and start by taking the end of it and holding it in the center of the belt (in line with your belly button). Slide the measuring tape between your legs.  Select which leg you want to use for measuring and wrap the measuring tape taught around the back of that leg (around the butt cheek) and then bring it back around to the front back to the center of the belt where you started the measurement. In essence you should have the measuring tape wrapped fully around one of your legs tautly (but not so tight it restricts blood flow) with the start and end point of the measuring tape being the front center of your belt.
  3. Take the leg strap measurement, and then subtract 14 inches, this should give you the length of leg strap you need for the harness to fit securely but still be comfortable. See size charge above Leg Straps.

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1 review for SpareParts HardWare Joque

  1. The PG Shop

    This is a quote from a review by Pillow Princess. You can read the full review here.

    “It might seem weird that there can be such a difference between strap-on harnesses; they’re all just a set of straps that goes around your hips. And the Joque is admittedly ridiculously expensive for a set of swimming-suit-material straps. But having tried it, I can’t even be mad about the price, because the difference in quality and comfort and ease of use beyond justifies the price difference with less great harnesses. It’s also super gender-neutral, which makes it a great choice for anyone… In short: the Joque makes strap-on sex really natural and mind-blowing at the same time. It’s comfortable, provides a lot of control, and feels great for everyone involved. It also has several practical advantages, like being machine washable, and making it so easy to put on and take off, and to swap out dildos without having to take it off or change the O-ring.’

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