Bijoux Indiscrets Sensations Massage Candle


Enjoy the warm glow and delicious scent of the Bijoux Indiscrets Sensations Massage Candle, as you wait for its oils to melt.

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The Bijoux Indiscrets Sensations Massage Candle is a delightful massage candle made with rich vegetable oils. To use, simply light the candle and allow it to melt, then pour the warm melted oils all over someone special. This candle burns at a low temperature meaning the oils will be lovely and warm – not burning hot.

Scented with sweet floral rose and jasmine with spicy ylany-ylang, this candle is a sensual treat. Ideal for an intimate massage, take your time to savour the experience.

Our Tip: Although this massage candle burns at a low temperature, meaning the oil will not be hot enough to burn – be careful of the open flame and make sure not to forget to extinguish it when you are done!


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