Rouge Paddle


Prepare yourself for a paddlin’ – The Leather Rouge Paddle is a BDSM classic.



Ready to explore with your inner Dom or Sub and take a spanking to the next level? This leather Paddle is a great first paddle for impact play newbies (as well as a great addition to the more advanced pleasure chest). Its broad surface area delivers a good thuddy impact, without too much sting. It has a nice weighty feel and can produce a gentle smack or a hefty thwack depending on how fast you swing it.

Made of soft feeling leather, the Rouge paddle is firm with just a little flex. With an attached wrist strap, you can be sure you won’t lose it if you get carried away!

Our Tip: Start softly, as blood rises to the targeted area it will become more sensitive and beautifully flushed.

  • Materials: Leather
  • Colour: Pink, Red, Purple
  • Power Source: None
  • Manufacturer: Rouge
  • Waterproof: Splash-Proof
  • Warranty: No additional warranty
  • Weight: 158g
  • Dimensions: 33 cm x 8.5 cm  

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