Rocks Off Ruby Glow


The Ruby Glow’s award-winning design provides you with an exhilarating, hands-free ride. It’s innovative saddle-shape and dual motors provide both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.



The Ruby Glow has two independently controlled motors – one at the front of the saddle in the ridged clitoral stimulator and the other in the smooth perineal mound. Each motor has 10 speed and pulsation settings which can be adjusted with the two buttons located at the front, creating a huge variety of combinations to suit every preference. As a non-penetrative vibrator it is great for those looking to focus on external stimulation or who struggle with penetration. Made of firm but silky silicone, it can be used whilst fully clothed or on bare skin, with the addition of little water based lube to smooth the ride

As one of the best hands free vibrators on the market, the Ruby Glow can be the ideal toy for individuals with mobility issues or limb difference. Just set it to your ideal vibration combo, hop on and grind away.
Designed by an erotic story writer, the Ruby Glow is just the thing to slip between your legs while you sit reading some erotica, watching porn or having a steamy online chat session.

  • Materials: Body safe silicone
  • Colour: Purple
  • Power Source: Two AAA batteries, provided
  • Manufacturer: Rocks Off
  • Waterproof: No
  • Warranty: No additional warranty#
  • Weight: 350g
  • Dimensions: 16cm x 6cm

1 review for Rocks Off Ruby Glow

  1. The PG Shop

    This is a quote from a review by Kelvin Sparks. You can read the full review here.

    “The Ruby Glow is really effective at turning me on. I found on a bed, it was too easy to push around to get good friction, but on a chair or the floor it was fantastic. I really enjoyed grinding against it, the buttons were very easy to reach even in use, and I actually tested it for its intended use (erotica writing) and found that worked perfectly. (I’ll be posting that piece some time and updating this post to link to it when I have).

    I’ve also had some issues with mobility recently- I had surgery at the end of March, and have had trouble using my hands to hold toys, so the Ruby Glow arrived at the perfect moment for me… I really do love the idea of the Ruby Glow, but I still feel it needs some tweaking before it’s the toy it could be. My orgasms with it were pretty weak, the vibrations just aren’t strong enough, and I really, really think it could do with being rechargeable rather than battery powered.”

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