Iroha Kushi


Super soft silicone formed in a unique shape makes the Iroha Kushi an object of beauty and pleasure.

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The Iroha Kushi is a powerful palm sized vibrator. Made from Iroha’s unique super soft silicone the Kushi feels like no other. The Kushi’s curved shell like shape is covered in soft ribs. The different surfaces, broad curves and gentle edges allows you to experience different sensations as you play. Soft and squishy, the Kushi is comfortable to hold and squeeze.

With five power levels and two rhythm patterns to enjoy the Kushi is more powerful that other toys from Iroha. With a simple two button control set in the base, it is easy to find the settings that work for you. Fully waterproof and with a special anti-dust coating it is super easy to keep clean. Keeping it charged also couldn’t be simpler. Fully rechargeable the Kushi’s storage case doubles as a charging dock – simply place the Kushi inside.  

Our Tip: Covered with different surfaces, the Kushi offers a range of sensations to explore.

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Colour: Cream
  • Power source: Rechargeable USB charging cable
  • Manufacturer: Iroha by Tenga
  • Waterproof: Waterproof
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by manufacturer
  • Weight: 98g
  • Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.1 x 4 cm


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