Je Joue Rabbit Bullet


With a pair of fluttering rabbit ears, the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet will excite which ever body part you choose to tease with them.

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The Je Joue Rabbit Bullet is a small silicone vibrator with a pair of cute rabbit ears. Don’t be fooled however, this bunny delivers deep, delicious vibration. Lightweight and discrete it is perfect for playing with a partner and stimulating the clitoris, nipples, anus or penis… or wherever else you might want to play.

With 5 vibration patterns and 5 strength settings this toy has something for everyone. Controlled with three buttons set in the side, the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet is simple to use. Rechargeable, you simply plug in via a port hidden by a silicone flap in the base. Once you ensure the flap is securely fitted back in the Rabbit Bullet is waterproof.   

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Colour: Purple
  • Power Source: Rechargeable – USB charging cable
  • Manufacturer: Je Joue
  • Waterproof: Waterproof
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by manufacturer
  • Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 2.7 cm

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  1. The PG Shop

    This is a quote from a review by Coffee and Kink. You can read the full review here.
    What I like the most about the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet is that it’s sort of two toys in one. What do I mean by that? Well, you can get very different sensations by using the rigid body of the toy versus using the ears.

    I like how the ears feel, but they’re definitely a warm-up sensation for me. Thanks to the shape, they dampen the insensity of the vibrations a lot. When I’m ready to orgasm, I also like to be able to push a toy against my vulva to get a decent amount of pressure, which is almost impossible with these soft, flexy ears.

    If you find direct clitoral stimulation too intense, you can position the Rabbit Bullet so that the ears sit either site of your clitoral hood, hugging it and providing indirect pleasure. The ears are great for teasing not just clits, but also labia, nipples, penises, and even assholes (exterior only – this toy is not safe to insert anally as it doesn’t have a flared base.)

    The main body of the bullet can pack a pretty good punch. The vibrations are powerful and rumbly and, as the toy is small and rigid, they’re not dampened by a thick layer of silicone.

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