Doxy Die Cast Massager


The Doxy Die Cast Wand is luxurious and durable massager, designed to deliver all the power you need and deserve from a vibrator.

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Made from an aluminium and titanium alloy with a smooth silicone head this UK made massager is perfect for those looking for a strong external vibration during their sexual play. The Doxy Die cast is for those looking for the ultimate in luxury. After casting the metal body, it goes through a five stage polishing process to achieve the perfect finish. 

With eight powerful vibration settings, the Doxy Die Cast Wand works for those who want robust steady stimulation as well as those who enjoy building their stimulation from soft vibrations to powerful rumbles, with its variable pulse settings.

The Doxy’s three large simple buttons light up, making it easy to use with the in the dark, ensuring you never press the wrong button at a crucial moment.   

Our Tip: The Doxy Die Cast is heavier than its PVC counterpart. If you find your hands getting tired, the Doxy can be propped on a pillow and used handsfree!

Extra Info:

  • Materials: Aluminium & titanium alloy with medical grade silicone head
  • Colour: Black & silver with blue LED buttons
  • Power Source: Plug with 12 foot power cord
  • Manufacturer: Doxy Wand Massagers
  • Waterproof: No
  • Warranty: 1 Year provided by manufacturer
  • Weight: 830g (680g excluding the plug)
  • Dimensions: 34 cm x 7 cm


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