Vibratex Mini Wand Rechargeable


The Vibratex Mini Wand Rechargeable packs a powerful wand vibrator in to a mini package.



If you like the idea of a wand vibrator, but would prefer something a bit more discrete the Vibratex Mini Wand Rechargeable is for you. It is a powerful and surprisingly rumbly wand style vibrator – but in miniature. Measuring just 15 cm the Mini-Wand is cute, compact and travel friendly.

The Vibratex Mini Wand Rechargeable has a round head with a textured silicone cap which sits on a very flexible neck. This means you can bend and flex the Mini Wand to hold it in a position that is comfortable for you. The Mini Wand’s 3 steady and 3 pulsation settings are controlled with a simple single button control. The Vibratex Mini Wand Rechargeable lasts up to an hour on a single charge. It comes with a USB charging cable which also includes ports compatible with many phone chargers.  

  • Materials: Silicone & ABS Plastic
  • Colour: Pink & White
  • Power Source: Rechargeable USB charging cable
  • Manufacturer: Vibratex
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Dimensions: 15 cm x 2.5 cm  


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