Super Smash Cache reviews The njoy Fun Wand

Posted by Super Smash Cache on 13/08/19

A shallow S-curve is what defines the njoy Fun Wand, contrasting with the Pure Wand’s more intense C. It’s also a mere half of the Pure Wand’s weight (340g vs. 680g). As a result, the Fun Wand cannot measure up to its big sibling when it comes to forceful G-spotting. It’s still a highly effective G-spotting instrument, just not the absolute most intense.

But that’s okay— the designers sacrificed specificity and vigor for versatility. The njoy Fun Wand is not only a G-spotter but also serves as anal beads, an A-spotter, and a cervix massager.

When used anally, its bumpy end’s gentle curve can indirectly massage my G-spot while the beads provide a rhythmic stretch. My ass is a plug plebeian, and the Fun Wand’s smallest bulb is 0.75″, suited for someone who likes thin anal toys.

And its rigid and precise 8″ of length works well for my cervix and anterior fornix— a dildo doesn’t need to be exceptionally long if I can aim it well at the right spot. S-curves are perfect for probing around the cervix and massaging it without actually pushing directly into it.

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