Super Smash Cache reviews The Pillow Talk Cheeky

Posted by Super Smash Cache on 21/06/19

The rumble of BMS Factory’s Pillow Talk Sassy ruined practically all other G-spot vibrators for me— even outperforming the renowned LELO Mona 2. It’s perhaps the most underrated vibrator in existence, and a steal for only $43. I didn’t do justice to it in my original review. Since then, I’ve refined my proverbial palate to appreciate the Pillow Talk Sassy more thoroughly. And I love it so much that I’m reviewing its sibling, the Pillow Talk Cheeky, to wax poetic about the motor again.

Deep Powerbullet vibrations

Yes, BMS’s Powerbullet technology is often that good. I “fuck yeah!”-ed upon merely hearing the Cheeky‘s quiet but distinct vibration pitch: not a buzz, but a deep and growly purr. “Good” vibrations are subjective, but amplitude and frequency aren’t. If I turned on and dipped my vibrators halfway in a bowl of water, the Pillow Talk Sassy and Cheeky’s splash would beat most vibrators of their size class. (But not all. The We-Vibe Nova and Rave are still the rulers of this realm.)

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