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Pleasure is Important

The Pleasure Garden is an inclusive, female-friendly sex shop. Our mission is to create a fully inclusive, sex-positive retail experience. We believe that everyone – regardless of gender, sexuality or disability has a right to a fulfilling sex life and access to the products and information to help them to achieve it.

We believe that sex does not have one definition, but what is important is consent, pleasure and your physical and mental health. We provide a shame-free environment to discuss all kinds of consensual sexual activity by all kinds of people.  

We believe pleasure is important – it’s right there in the name. We aim to provide every customer with the information they need to make choices about experiencing sexual pleasure and the products which can enhance that experience. Our staff are happy to answer any questions you have and if we don’t stock the right product for you, we will help you find it elsewhere.  

We believe in providing quality products at a fair price. We choose to stock products made exclusively from body-safe materials. You can find out more about body-safe sex toy materials with our guide.


The Pleasure Garden is the UK’s inclusive sex shop and we support customers regardless of gender identity, sexuality, disability or health status. There are several things we do to try and be as inclusive as possible:

  • We deliberately choose to stock products which are accessible, adaptable and inclusive.
  • On our product pages we describe the key access features of the toys we sell. This includes things like the size and placement of controls and the weight of the toy.
  • Our website allows you to filter products by features such as ‘Hands-Free’ or ‘Disability Friendly’.
  • We avoid gendered language and describing sex toys as ‘for men’ or ‘for women’.
  • Our staff are able to provide you with personalised advice to help you find the right sex toy for you. If we don’t know the answers to your questions we will try to help you find someone who does.

If you have any problems accessing our website or notice areas where we could improve please do let us know at info@pleasuregardenshop.co.uk    

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