These sites are great places to go if you are looking for advice on everything from what toy to buy and how to use them, to sexual health information and advice. We only link to sites which meet our mission, providing high quality sex-positive content.


Oh Joy Sex Toy – Erika Moen and her husband Matt Nolan create weekly comics covering a huge range of toy reviews, information about sex acts, kinks and fetishes, and erotic stories by guest artists. Erika’s artwork features people of all body types, genders and sexualities and part of the inspiration for setting up The Pleasure Garden.  

Scarleteen – This American website has been designed to provide young people with accurate sex positive information about sex, sexual health and sexuality – but we think people of all ages probably have something to learn from it’s high quality articles.


Dangerous Lily – Sex toy critic, sex educator and pioneer for raising awareness of toxic materials, Lily doesn’t pull any punches giving frank, fun and factual reviews and a great collection of guides.  

Emmeline Peaches Reviews – Regularly updated, sex and body positive product reviews from a queer female perspective, with the occasional input of her male partner Mr Peaches.

Big Gay Review – Down to earth, honest sex toys reviews from the male perspective.

Hey Epiphora – Straight-talking Epiphora provides honest sex toy reviews, as well as musings on the industry and the occasional giveaway.


Outsiders – The Outsiders Club caters to physically, sensory and socially disabled people so they can make friends, enjoy peer support, and find partners. They also run the sex and disability helpline for one-to-one advice and support.


Brook – This charity offers sexual health advice and services for young people under 25 in the UK. Its ‘Ask Brook’ tool offers 24/7 responses to your sex related questions.


Family Planning Association – This charity offers support for people of all ages to make positive choices about their sexual health and wellbeing, including a wealth of information about contraception and STD’s.   

Marie Stopes – This charity offers a range of information about sexual health and family planning, including providing abortion care and advice, running clinics across the UK.