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Top Sex Tips

What are your top sex tips? The winner of the competition! At the end of October 2022, we ran a competition with Girl on the Net to gather some top sex tips from followers on Twitter. We’re bombarded with messages about sex in the mainstream media – some good, some bad, some ugly – but […]

How to Use the NYTC Trans Masc Pump (For Pleasure & Bottom Growth)

Finally, a pump specifically designed for – and marketed to – transmasculine people!  New York Toy Collective has been creating products for the trans community for a decade. Their Trans Masc Pumps are designed for pleasure, temporary size increase, and potentially aiding bottom growth. 

Choosing and Using a STP

What is an STP Device?  An STP device, short for ‘stand to pee device’, is—as its name suggestions—a  device that allows users to urinate while standing up. Some STP devices also  function as packers—objects used to create the appearance of a bulge where  somebody doesn’t have a penis—while others are designed to be used as […]

Packing 101 – Wearing a Packer and Packing Underwear

In the last Packing 101 post, we talked about what packing is and why people do it, how to choose the right packer for you, and how to take care of a packer. We’re looking at the other half of the equation in this post— packing underwear, how to wear a packer (with or without […]

Packing 101 – Choosing and Caring for Your Packer

In this Packing 101 series of blog posts, we’re going to be talking about packing. ‘Packing’ is the name given to when somebody who doesn’t have a penis places padding or an object in their underwear to give the impression that they have a penis or bulge. While—for a long time—there were few commercial products […]

How to Use Bondage Restraints

by Amy Norton – Coffee & Kink Have you ever wanted to restrain someone, or be restrained, for sexual or kinky purposes? If so, you might be into bondage! Restraints are incredibly popular both as add-ons to kinky play, and as the focus of a scene in and of themselves.  But you need to know […]

Pelvic Floor Exercise – The One Workout We Should All Be Doing

What is Pelvic Floor Exercise?  Pelvic Floor Exercise, sometimes known as Kegel Exercise, is the practice of strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor. These muscles sit between your legs at the base of your pelvis. They are responsible for supporting all the very important organs that rest there including the vagina, uterus. bladder and […]

Buying Your First Sex Toy

So you have decided to take the plunge and but your first sex toy! Yay – good for you! But – when you start looking online, or step in to your local sex shop, the amount and variety of products on offer seems more than a little overwhelming. It can be so hard to choose […]

Introducing Sex toys to your Relationship

Sex toys can be a wonderful and exciting addition to any sexual relationship. There are a growing number of fun and exciting sex toys for couples available. Using sex toys with your partner can help bring you to new levels of pleasure and intimacy. They can be a tool for learning about each other and […]

Sex Toys for Trans People

Our guide to Sex Toys for Trans People was written by the wonderful Kelvin Sparks. Kelvin is a trans man who blogs at  Transgender people may want to use sex toys for a huge variety of reasons, many of which we share with cisgender people. While trans people can and do use sex toys […]

Body Safe Sex Toy Materials

The sex toy industry is almost entirely unregulated. This means that there is no government or industry body which is responsible for ensuring that sex toys are safe. By printing ‘Novelty Item – not for use on the body’ on the packaging some companies sidestep stricter regulations. This means that there are sex toys out […]

How to Clean Sex Toys

We don’t want anyone thinking that their genitals or the things they do with them are dirty…  That is no excuse however for not keeping your sex toys clean! Making sure you thoroughly clean your sex toys after use will ensure that you get rid of any traces of lube and bodily fluids. It also […]