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Sex Toys for Trans People

Our guide to Sex Toys for Trans People was written by the wonderful Kelvin Sparks. Kelvin is an intersex trans man who blogs at  Transgender people may want to use sex toys for a huge variety of reasons, many of which we share with cisgender people. While trans people can and do use sex […]

Body Safe Sex Toy Materials

The sex toy industry is almost entirely unregulated. This means that there is no government or industry body which is responsible for ensuring that sex toys are safe. By printing ‘Novelty Item – not for use on the body’ on the packaging some companies sidestep stricter regulations. This means that there are sex toys out […]

How to Clean Sex Toys

We don’t want anyone thinking that their genitals or the things they do with them are dirty…  That is no excuse however for not keeping your sex toys clean! Making sure you thoroughly clean your sex toys after use will ensure that you get rid of any traces of lube and bodily fluids. It also […]