Sex and Disability

At The Pleasure Garden we know that everyone has a right to a fulfilling sex life. Sex and pleasure are a massively important part of our lives. Having a disability or health condition should not exclude you from that. We think it is important to acknowledge that disabled people want to – and do – have sex, buy sex toys, are kinky, are gay and all the various shades of sexuality there are, just like non-disabled people

Living with a disability or health condition can however impact on people’s experiences of sex, pleasure and intimacy. Sex toys can be hugely powerful in helping disabled people to achieve the things they want for their sex lives. We aim to provide straightforward information so that people are able to make choices about what products are right for them.        

The Pleasure Garden is an inclusive sex shop and we are working to be as accessible as possible:

  • On our product pages we describe the key access features of the toys we sell. This includes things like the size and placement of controls and the weight of the toy.
  • We deliberately choose to stock products which are accessible, adaptable and inclusive.
  • Our website allows you to filter products by features such as ‘Hands-Free’ or ‘Disability Friendly’.
  • Our staff are able to provide you with personalised advice to help you find the right sex toy for you. If we don’t know the answers to your questions we will try to help you find someone who does.

Sex and Disability Guides

Our Sex and Disability Guides offer more detailed information about sex and disability. They include disability specific product recommendations and information on adapting sex toys.

Sex Toys for Disabled People

Whether it is just for fun, to explore kinks, or express sexuality both disabled and non-disabled people use sex toys for all sorts of reasons. Disabled people may also want to use sex toys to help them achieve sexual pleasure and intimacy in ways they are unable to do without assistance. With so many choices […]

Sex Toys and Pain During Sex

Experiencing unwanted pain during sex can be very traumatic. It can disrupt sexual and romantic relationships and cause high amounts of stress and anxiety to sufferers and their partners. According to the World Health Organisation between 8-21% of women will experience dyspareunia, or pain during sex at some point in their lives. This widespread and often […]

Sex Toys and Erectile Dysfunction

While it might seem that way, erectile dysfunction (ED) does not necessarily mean the end of sex, masturbation and orgasms. This guide has been created to provide information about the wide variety of sex toys available which can be used by people with ED. It may also be helpful for those with genital difference or […]

Hands-Free Sex Toys

When it comes to accessibility, hands-free sex toys are right at the top of the list. Many disabilities or health conditions affect the hands and arms. This can make using a lot of sex toys, which have to be held in place or moved around, difficult or impossible. The good news is that there are […]

Disability and BDSM

Sticks and stones may break my bones… but whips and chains excite me! For some people the idea of BDSM and kinky sexual play is completely taboo. It might be hard to see the appeal of being tied up, spanked or punished. For many disabled people however, BDSM and kink offers a means to explore […]

Any Questions?

Since every person’s experience of disability is different it would be impossible to create a guide that meets everyone’s individual needs. If you would like more specific advice, please do get in touch with us at to discuss your needs with our experienced staff.