Hands-Free Sex Toys

When it comes to accessibility, hands-free sex toys are right at the top of the list. Many disabilities or health conditions affect the hands and arms. This can make using a lot of sex toys, which have to be held in place or moved around, difficult or impossible. The good news is that there are actually lots of hands-free sex toys available. Even more of them can also be adapted for hands-free use. 

We have created this guide to provide a overview of sex toys which can be used hands-free or by people with limited grip or mobility. Hopefully it will help you make decisions about what products will work best for you. It aims to meet the needs of people with a broad range of disability types including:

  • Limb difference
  • Limited mobility or dexterity
  • Limited grip
  • Arthritis
  • Limited reach
  • Spinal Cord Injury

Buyers Guide

Whatever your reason for wanting to use sex toys hands-free, (even if it is just because you like it) this guide should have something for you. In this guide we recommend some specific products that we think are great. However, you know your desires, needs and access requirements better than anyone. When you are browsing for a new sex toy there are a few things that we recommend keeping in mind:

  • How hands-free is it really? – There are quite a lot of sex toys which are hands-free in use. However, many require a level of manipulation, dexterity or grip to get them read for use or to clean them up afterwards. At the Pleasure Garden we try to include this information in our product descriptions.
  • Power – If the toy is powered does it need batteries or is it rechargable? Fiddly little batteries are common with smaller battery operated toys. On the plus side – many rechargeable toys now use magnetic charging connections which require very little dexterity to attach.
  • Controls – Check out the size and position of any buttons. Do they make it possible to change the settings of the toy while it is in use? You might want a toy that can be operated with a remote control by yourself or a partner. There are even sex toys that can be controlled by a smartphone.    

Sex Toys for Hands-Free Use

This is the bit of this guide that you are probably most interested in! What are some great sex toys that can be used hands-free?

Hands-Free Vibrators

Rocks Off Ruby Glow

The saddle shaped Ruby Glow is designed for hands-free use.

Vibrators are probably the most common form of sex toy. There are a huge variety on the market and lots have been designed specifically for hands-free use. Hands-free vibrators are typically designed to either be worn or sat on. They might fit inside underwear or be held in place by your own anatomy. With some vibrators you will have to turn them on before putting them in place. These might be a bit difficult to adjust while in use, so it is worth spending some time to find the settings that work for you. If you want to be able to change the settings without having to stop mid session, look for vibrators which have a remote control. An increasing number of vibrators come with a remote, or can even be controlled by an app on your phone.  Some of our favourite hands-free vibrators include:


  • Ruby Glow – The Ruby Glow has a unique saddle shape and is designed for sitting on. It doesn’t need any manipulation to get in place. Once turned on it can be propped on a chair or a bed and straddled. With two vibrating motors it delivers stimulation to the clitoris and vulva and is great for solo play.  
  • Satisfyer Partner – The Satisfyer Partner is a wearable vibrator which has a slim internal arm which holds the external vibrating arm against the clitoris. It does require some dexterity to get in place but is small enough to be worn during penetration with a partner. This makes it a great choice for people who want to add clitoral stimulation to sex but struggle with reach or motor control.
  • Dame Pom – The Pom is a cute hands-free vibrator whose curved shape fits comfortably inside underwear. It is easy to slot in to underwear, particularly styles with a ‘pocket’ in the crotch area. Tighter fitting underwear will help to maintain contact with the body. Lying on your front or adding a pillow between your legs to grind against can also increase sensation.  

In addition, many vibrators can be adapted to be used hands-free. Using some pillows to hold it in place, a wand style vibrator can be rested in your lap, straddled or laid on. We think the Doxy Wand makes a great choice because its large head delivers stimulation over a wide area. This means it is easy to get in the right spot without too much manipulation. It also has three large easy to press buttons to control the settings. If you are finding it hard to keep a hands-free vibrator in the right place a roll of bondage tape might come in useful. This tape only sticks to itself so can be used to strap a vibrator to a pillow, chair or even body part without leaving any mess or sticky residue.   

Hands-Free Penetration

There are fewer sex toys on the market that have been designed for completely hands-free penetration. Most require some level of manipulation to insert and keep in place. There are however some that come with some great hands-free features which help make them more accessible.

The simplest toy for hands-free penetration is a dildo with a suction cup base. These can be attached to a smooth surface such as the edge of the bath or a tiled floor. Dildos without a base or insertable vibrators may work for you if you are able to get them in the right place to start with. Some internal vibrators have added thrusting or movement functions. Held in place between your thighs or with the aid of a pillow, these do the work for you while you can lay back and enjoy the ride. Similarly many butt plugs and anal toys are designed to stay in place once inserted. Look for ones with a flared or T-shaped base with a narrowed ‘neck’ for more comfort and safety.  

Recommended Products:

  • Loving Joy Suction Cup Dildo – Simple, body safe and with a fun curved shape this dildo is a great cost effective choice if you want to explore using a suction cup dildo for the first time.
  • The Blush Avant Range – These bright and colourful dildos include one of the strongest suction cups available and can stick to almost any smooth surface.
  • Lelo Ina and Mona Wave – The Lelo Ina and Mona Wave are insertable vibrators with the added benefit of a moving shaft. The rhythmic motion offers surging g-spot or prostate stimulation. The controls are on the handle of the toy which means some people may find it hard to change settings while in use – but with 10 vibration and motion settings there should be something that works for you!
  • Aneros Series– The Aneros range are a set of prostate stimulating toys which offer intense hands-free orgasms. While they require some dexterity to insert, once in place, they are designed so that the clenching and relaxation of your pelvic floor muscles rocks the toy against the prostate. This type of stimulation can deliver explosive orgasms without ever touching the penis or other body parts!

Toy Mounts

Liberator BonBon toy mount with a pink dildo inserted in to the top of the mount

Liberator BonBon toy mount

Toy mounts are specially designed pillows or sex aids and get a special mention as aids for hands-free sex. They hold your favourite sex toys in place while you grind, ride or thrust away! There are a variety of mounts on the market, even including inflatable chairs! We have found that the best ones are made from firm foam and include some sort of waterproofing to protect them from fluids. Liberator is a very popular brand which makes several toy mounts designed to fit a variety of styles of dildos, vibrators or masturbation sleeves

Hands-Free Toys for Penises

One of the most popular sex toys for penises is the masturbation sleeve. This is a sheath of textured rubber or silicone which is stroked over the penis. If however you are unable to hold or stroke a sleeve yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t use one. A masturbation sleeve with a firm case such as a Fleshlight or Tenga Air Tech can be propped in place with pillows allowing you to thrust instead of stroking the toy. Try positioning it on the edge of a bed, seat or table which is the right height for you. Masturbation sleeves with closed ends need to be cleaned thoroughly between uses. We recommend that you make sure that take this into consideration when buying a sleeve.

While many people might think vibrators are just for women – this is not the case! Many people with penises enjoy the sensation of vibration, especially on the highly sensitive underside and head. Some sleeves now include vibration or you could try resting, rubbing or holding a vibrator against your body – experiment to see what feels good.

Fleshlight mounted with Shower Mount

The Fleshlight Shower Mount can be adjusted to the angle and placement that suits you.

Recommended Products:

  • Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo – The Pulse from Hot Octopus is at the top of our list for accessible toys. This sleeve wraps around your penis and uses a vibrating plate to deliver powerful stimulation. This toy has been designed so that it does not need to be stroked or rubbed in order to work – just set it in place and relax. You can rest the Pulse in your lap or hold it in place with some snug fitting underwear.
  • Fleshlight Shower Mount – This accessory turns a Fleshlight in to a hands-free toy. With a secure suction cup the Shower Mount enables you to attach a Fleshlight to a smooth surface such as a tiled wall. It has a flexible joint ensuring that you can achieve just the right height and angle.    

Easy to Hold Sex Toys

Sex toys often require a good grip and dexterity to use effectively. This can be a problem if you have a disability or health condition which makes this difficult such as arthritis, cerebral palsy or spinal injury. There are however, quite a few sex toys out there which have been designed to be easy to hold and use. More manufacturers are now making products with added finger grips or longer handles to make them easier to use.  

It is also possible to adapt sex toys. For example, the ring of a vibrating cock ring can be slipped over the fingers and used as a hand-held vibrator without having to close the hand. It also doubles up as a vibrating cock ring which is a bonus! The Je Joue Mio is a great choice for this as it has a powerful rumbling motor and a magnetic recharging clip. Another option is to wear a nitrile or latex glove and place a small vibe inside. The glove will hold it against the palm or back of your hand with ease.

Recommended Products:

  • Screaming O Positive and Jopen Key Aires – The Positive and the Aires both have a raised grip which makes it possible to hold these simple small vibrators with just one or two fingers.
  • Sportsheets Sports Cuffs – Most restraints use buckles or clips which can be fiddly to open and close. This can make bondage play inaccessible for some. These fun cuffs however are velcro sealed making them super easy to open and close.

Gripping Aids

A gripping aid is a tool which is designed to help maintain your grip, or hold an item for you. We highly recommend the Active Hands range of gripping aids. Designed for everyday use, they also work great as a sex aid. Made from neoprene and webbing they are safe to expose to body fluids and most lubes and are all-importantly machine washable! 

  • The Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aid is perfect for holding dildos or long vibrators. It allows you to firmly close your hand around the sex toy and keep it securely in place, whether you are using it on yourself or someone else. It can also be used to create a loose closed fist for masturbating a penis.
  • The Active Hands Small Item Gripping Aid is a great choice if you need support holding finer items like a bullet vibrator. It allows you precise control and an adjustable angle so you can get things exactly where you want them.

Any Questions?

If you are looking for more information or would like to discuss finding the right sex toy for you please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@pleasuregardenshop.co.uk.

Note on recommended products

The recommended products in this guide have been chosen based on user reviews and feedback, not at the request of manufacturers. At the Pleasure Garden we aim to stock as many of these products as possible. If we can’t we will provide a link directly to the manufacturer. We do not generate any income from these external links.