Kelvin Sparks reviews The SpareParts Tomboi

Originally posted by Kelvin Sparks 16/05/22

I think the best way to describe the SpareParts Tomboi is that when I put it on for the first time, my thought was ‘Oh. This is why people like underwear style harnesses’. And my opinion has not changed after all the (many) times I’ve used it.

I’ve talked a lot about the drawbacks of underwear style harnesses compared to one-strap (or thong) harnesses and two strap (or jock-style) harnesses. Those drawbacks still apply to the Tomboi— while I find it super comfortable, I do not feel confident that I will still be able to wear if my body shape changes and shifts. The Tomboi’s stretchy material feels significantly more supportive than the soft cotton of previous brief and boxer harnesses I’ve had, but it’s still not perfect.

But it is—as I’ve annoyed my friends by saying multiple times—the platonic ideal of an underwear style harness. It rules and I love it. And, even more that that, I think I prefer it to the SpareParts Joque, which has previously been my most beloved harness (and the harness that made me actually like strap-on topping). Which does feel a little like heresy to say, but it’s true— I absolutely adore the Tomboi.

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