Quinn Rhodes Reviews the Clone a Willy Kit

Originally posted by Quinn Rhodes on 25/06/20

I’m someone in a long-distance relationship who doesn’t know when I will get to see my partner next due to COVID, and I’m a genderqueer trans masc person who calls their junk their dick. Oh, and I’m dating someone who loves getting fisted. All of this lends itself perfectly me to doing a sexperiment so I could feel closer to my enboifriend – and to fist them for the first time. In this review I’m going to share how I used Clone-A-Willy kits to make a copy of my fist for an incredibly, socially-distanced fuck.

Making a Clone-A-Willy fist

First up, a quick confession. I went into this sexperiment knowing that it was possible to use a Clone-A-Willy kit to clone my first, because I’d seen a tweet by Sinclair Sexsmith. However, knowing it’s possible and knowing how to make it happen are two very different things, and the Clone-A-Willy instructions do not tell you how to make a clone of your fist. I had to get inventive, so I’m sharing all my tips here for how to adapt results that leave you with a cloned dick with a vibrator in the end to ones that leave you with a cloned fist with a flared base so it’s safe for anal play.

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