Kelvin Sparks reviews The Rocks Off Ruby Glow

Posted by Kelvin Sparks on 09/05/18

While toys that are specifically intended for transmasculine consumers are few and far between, sometimes I see a toy that sounds like it might work perfectly for us, even though we were absolutely not the demographic in mind. The Rocks Off Ruby Glow is one of those toys.

I was sent the Rocks Off Ruby Glow by The Pleasure Garden, a small UK based boutique. They sell only body safe toys, their categories aren’t gendered, and the language they use is fully inclusive of all genders. The Pleasure Garden also has product filters to make finding the right product easier for those with accessibility needs, including ‘disabled-friendly’ and ‘hands free’.

I’m always really happy to see small, trans friendly, body safe retailers, and I’m especially excited that The Pleasure Garden is a UK based retailer. Even if the Ruby Glow isn’t for you, I’d recommend checking out what other products they have in stock.Rocks Off Ruby Glow

As I said, the Ruby Glow was very much not intended for transmasculine consumers. It was created by an erotica author, Tabitha Rayne, who wanted a toy she could use while writing on a computer at the same time. But, of course, it’s a toy that could work for other groups, such as people with mobility issues and people who prefer non-penetrative sex.

While, of course, many transmasculine people do like penetrative sex (and I’m one of them), penetrative sex can also be dysphoria inducing. I do generally prefer non penetrative vibrators, I enjoy grinding on things, and at the time of testing, I had recently had surgery, so using toys with my hands was a lot more difficult than normal. The Rocks Off Ruby Glow seemed almost perfect for my preferences and situation.

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