Betty Butch Reviews the Bound to Please Spanking Paddle

Posted by Betty Butch on 10/10/19

Despite having to travel across the Atlantic ocean and make its way through whatever fucktangle serves as customs here in the US, my Pleasure Garden order – discreetly packaged and labeled “novelty goods” – was delivered to my door in less than two weeks.

In the months since, my partner and I have put the Bamboo Paddle through its paces in preparation for this review. It’s been a cracking good time!

The Bound to Please Bamboo Paddle is £13 (about $16 USD.) It’s 10 inches long and made of solid wood with a sleek finish that seems fairly moisture-resistant (water and lube both bead and roll off its surface.) The coloration and grain are lovely, and exactly why I love bamboo-made products.

As I noted in my unboxing video, this paddle is surprisingly thin, and its light weight makes it easy to swing. Its handle is well-suited to my larger hand: I can comfortably wrap my fist around its thin heft, framed by the paddle’s taper and its heart-shaped handle tip. If your hands are significantly smaller or larger, you might not find it as comfortable to grip, given that it’s just a flat piece of wood. Its fabric loop (likely intended for storage/display) can wrap around one’s wrist for extra security.

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